Harrell Fletcher

The sound we make together (Melbourne)

Harrell Fletcher is internationally renowned for facilitating exhibitions and events based on participation and collaboration, often with people not usually involved in making art. For this exhibition at Federation Square, Fletcher found local participants to select works they'd like displayed at the NGV, works they specifically created for the NGV or photographs of them collaborating with Harrell Fletcher. 

Working scale model.

Installing zines.

Installing the signage.

DIY furniture designed with the sustainable X-Board, used throughout 
the exhibition.

Title wall at rear entrance and Fletcher's collection of 'zines & posters.

Working scale model elevation.

The exhibition open to the public.

The exhibition open to the public.
Exhibition Design: Johanna B Kelly Curator: Alex Baker 
Photo credits: National Gallery of Victoria and Johanna B Kelly. For more info and images see NGV.

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