at Federation Square

From January 26 to November 11, 2012 the Kids Corner gallery featured Time Catcher. An exhibition showing how art has been used to interpret key moments in time through works from the NGV collection and interactive multimedia displays. NGV Deputy Director, Frances Lindsay said: “This unique exhibition space introduces children to the richness of the arts at a young age, inspiring their imaginations and developing an interest in the arts through creative interactive learning”.  For more see NGVExhibition Designer: Johanna B Kelly.

Dali Kids

Delighting over 14,000 youngsters, Dali Kids was the first inclusion of a dedicated arts space for children at a Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition.  Establishing now standard 'kid specific exhibitions spaces' at the NGV, including low height labels, and interactive art games relating to themes in the art exhibited, encouraging children and students to link themes in the art to their own lives.

The new initiative also included visual way finding signage (in the form of an ant trail) throughout.

The Next Big Thing

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